Why Personal Concierge MD?

Membership Benefits


  • Same day or next day appointments!
  • Telemedicine visits!
  • Comprehensive annual exam!
  • Physician contact 24 hours-7 days a week!
  • Referral to Top Notch Academic Center(s) for Difficult Cases!
  • Subscription to "On Demand Health" Newsletter!
  • Personalized coaching for healthy lifestyles!
  • VIP Packages include home visits and visits at your place of work!
  • Travel Packages include ROAM  which includes access to concierge physicians when you travel to selected cities in the U.S.

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Client Testimonials


  • "If you are looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the whole person, and takes the time to be caring even while maintaining a very efficient office, then Dr. Hayes is someone you should consider visiting."                         

  • "Dr. Hayes was so kind and compassionate. He made sure not to leave any stone unturned and saw that she had all the necessary tests and saw the necessary specialists. Afterwards, he followed up with all of those Dr.'s to discuss the results during our visit.....It's a nice touch that many physicians don't take the time to do." 

ACP Position Paper Supports Concierge Medicine Practices


The American College of Physicians Position Statement

"The College supports physician and patient choice of practices that are accessible, viable, and ethical. "  



Value of Personalized Services

"Retainer fees may cover personalized services or special amenities, such as extended patient visits......private waiting areas, and coordination with specialists."


Effect on Cost

    "....advocates assert that price transparency, competition, lower administrative costs, and patients accepting more personal responsibility for the cost of their care will keep out-of-pocket costs and overall spending down to a competitive and affordable level."

Download ACP Position Paper on Concierge Practices

* Not Sure About Concierge Internal Medicine?

  • Schedule a consult visit and allow our team to provide you with the information on the benefits of membership including cost-saving telemedicine and 24-7 contact to the personal care physician via email, phone or text.

  • * Disclaimer:   Insurance copay(s) or fee schedule payment will be expected prior to the visit. Insurance will be billed for services rendered.

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